5 Easy Ways to Design a Modern Bohemian Living Room

5 Easy Ways to Design a Modern Bohemian Living Room

Are you searching for vibrant home decor full of life and culture? If you’re looking to create a warm and welcoming space that’s rich with unique textures and ripe with color, then Bohemian style (also known as Boho décor) is perfect for you! This design style defies modern sensibilities by embracing creative, carefree, and out-of-the-box design. A modern bohemian living room has several characteristics that are usually eclectic, bright and unforgettable.

What is Bohemian Style Decor? 

Interior design in the Bohemian style originated in the 19th century in Paris (think Moulin Rouge era). The early bohemians were artists, authors, performers, and travelers who felt that creativity and experiences were more important than money. Little did they know, they would unwittingly launch an interior design movement through their cultures, beliefs, and inspiring lifestyle. 

The bohemian style, named after those migratory artists, aims to defy traditional aesthetic standards by ignoring design norms and embracing the unusual. It's the kind of style you'd associate with shopping at a flea market, featuring an eclectic mix of one-of-a-kind items. A joyful combination of color and patterns, comforting textures, and surprising decor with asymmetrical layouts defines the bohemian style. Unlike modern or minimalist design styles, there are no hard and fast rules. Mid-century Boho decor combines sleek, modern design with the bright, free-spiritedness of Bohemian style. The purpose of a mid-century Boho living room is all about creating a space for yourself.

How Do You Style a Modern Boho Living Room? 

There are a few different ways to approach this diverse look. You can either go all out and blend every pattern, color, and texture imaginable. Alternatively, opt for a more subtle approach by simply adding a few unique items to your space. Boho mid-century modern design can take on a very elegant style if you pay attention to detail and pick the right colors and textures.

You might use a wide range of color palettes in a Boho setting. As a result, there isn't just one color scheme that works for this design. On the other hand, Boho rooms tend to have more dramatic and vibrant hues, typically heavily saturated. This produces a lot of contrast that stands out against the neutral background. 

Whatever path you select, Boho interiors are ideal for creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. While there are no specific directions for this style, there are several standard best practices that can help you get started. The aesthetic is easily achieved by layering diverse patterns, various forms of lighting, and rich colors.

When you look at photographs of Boho home design inspiration, you'll notice that they all have one thing in common: they all feel warm and welcoming. The furniture has been chosen for its comfort, texture and color. Throw pillows are abundant and often in bright colors and unique textures. House plants of varying sizes placed strategically throughout the room add to the welcoming atmosphere. Other Boho modern additions include woven baskets, natural wood furniture, thick rugs with patterns, floor pillows, string lights and earth tones. 

5 Fun Modern Bohemian Living Room Decor Ideas

Decorating in a boho mid-century modern style is not for the faint of heart. Boho décor is popular among those who consider themselves free spirits because of its vibrant colors, natural materials, and unique charms. If you wish to brave the decision of embracing the Boho spirit, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Decorate Vertically

    Boho modern is all about filling up space strategically. You want to incorporate the vertical areas of your room to ensure no bare spots create an unwelcome break as the eye darts around the room. In your modern bohemian living room, woven hanging baskets made of jute and sisal are popular wall decorations.

  2. Liven Up the Area with Plants

    We can't go any further without emphasizing the importance of including house plants in any room if you want it to have a bohemian feel. Ideally, they should be live ones. Plants have a certain Bohemian je ne sais quoi quality about them. Plants naturally add a sense of brightness to any room. Don’t worry too much about which plants to get; simply opt for easy maintenance, low-light classics like a snake plant or a fiddle leaf. 

  3. Throw in Some Colorful Throw Pillows with Texture

    This is one of the easiest ways to create a bohemian vibe. Create a modern Boho chic living area with exotic throw cushions and an eclectic accent chair. This style will create a place with a tropical, feminine feel imbued with an inviting ambiance. For a more modern, intentional design, plan your throw pillow colors around the color of your couch or the room’s artwork. Or, you can opt to not match anything at all in true Boho style.

  4. Add Vintage to the Mix

    Incorporating vintage objects is one feature that defines a mid-century modern Boho living room design. Vintage artwork, furniture, carpets, fabrics, and home decor elements provide tranquility and nostalgia to a space where modern design might appear rigid and chilly. Vintage decorations, such as vinyl records or old art prints, work well with Boho design. Place some floor cushions on the ground so you can relax while looking through your collection!

  5. Don't Avoid Modern Elements

    While most of the components we've explored thus far have a bohemian feel, don’t skip the modern aspect. Clean lines can help keep things contemporary and reduce a feeling of chaos that can come with Bohemian decor's many colors and textures. Straight-line furniture, such as sleek cabinets, modernizes a space more than decorative accents. Sleek cylinder lights, straight arm accent chairs, plain marble bookends, and straight-legged tables are all examples of clean lines. Thanks to the simplicity of modern furniture, it’s easy to incorporate clean lines into almost any design.

Additional Bohemian Living Room Ideas to Transform Your Space

The following suggestions might help you get started in your Boho living room. Always keep in mind that Boho is all about individuality. Select whatever modern bohemian living room ideas appeal to you and utilize them as a starting point for your design.

Start with Art

Because artists were the primary inspiration for bohemian design, it goes without saying that artwork is a must-have for Boho living spaces. Woven basket wall décor and macrame hangings are a great place to start. Instead of buying a mass-produced print from your local chain store, look for one-of-a-kind items at flea markets. Consider purchasing something made-from-scratch or hand-painted for further authenticity.

Let Accent Pieces to Lead the Way

Don't be scared to start modest while decorating a Boho living room. Start by layering different textures by adding handcrafted wicker baskets, gold-finished wall sconces, or strategically placing flowers throughout the space. Accents such as Boho living room chairs are essential, as they can create bold splashes of color with throw cushions. Additionally, you can display your personality with antique trinkets or your favorite wall art. Just keep in mind that Boho is all about personal taste. When it comes to putting your design into action, you may be as maximalist or minimalist as you wish.

Let the Light In

Nothing beats natural sunlight filtering into a room. So in true Bohemian fashion, appreciate the world’s natural splendor available to you and keep your windows unblocked by furniture. Try to line your window sill with plants if you can for a peaceful, natural vibe. If you opt for curtains, choose light and airy curtains that can be easily opened to let the sunlight fill the room. 

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