About Us

Raymond Pang - BELLEZE Founder

Raymond moved out of his home and headed for college when he was 18. He was homesick and wanted to create a homey atmosphere at his apartment. He browsed online to look for the right furniture for his dream home since. He needed to go to school and work, and he did not have extra time to do the shopping. However, furniture stores online were expensive and cost extra to ship directly to his door. He was really frustrated, as he wanted the perfect atmosphere for his home but couldn’t afford it financially. One day, his classmates invited him to a home decor exhibition for a class project. He got a lot of inspiration from there, but the prices were way beyond his budget for a dream home. He found out that the prices were high because those companies were not receiving the products directly from the manufacturer. It was the result of costs for the third-party company. This is the reason why furniture is so expensive. Inspired and enlightened, Raymond decided to do it by himself. He did research and reached out to different manufacturers and carriers to get the lowest price on furniture that would appeal to everyone. Soon, he launched his brand, BELLEZE. Raymond believes that everyone should have their dream home starting from the interior. Money should not be an obstacle to the passion of pursuing your ideal home environment. Having affordable and trendy furniture with free shipping is always his goal.

Our Roots

More often than not, you’ll find inspirational tales driving great brands. Our brand story at BELLEZE is no different. It all started when our founder, Raymond Pang moved out of his home to pursue college at the tender age of 18. Raymond began missing the cozy vibes of his home and wanted his apartment to give him that comforting feeling just like his home did. But, he soon realized that most furniture brands were selling at a very high price point, and not everybody could afford them.

This is why Raymond decided to kick start his own venture. He came up with an idea to source high-quality furniture directly from the manufacturers themselves. That’s where BELLEZE was born with a novel direct-to-consumer model with no middleman involved, reducing overhead expenses and additional costs. This is a win-win for customers since the cost savings are directly passed onto them.

Americans love the outdoors, but finding good outdoor furniture at great prices is tough. Raymond wanted to create high-quality outdoor furniture so that everyone could enjoy their deck or patio all year long. That’s the reason the first line to be launched at BELLEZE was outdoor furniture. At BELLEZE, we offer outdoor furniture and accessories to help our customers make the most of their outdoor spaces while creating an inviting patio that’s stylish and welcoming.

We then diversified by expanding into other products and now offer an extensive range of furniture prices for all rooms of your home. The Brentwood ottoman is one of our most popular products to date. Raymond and BELLEZE are driven by the single focus of offering best-in-class furniture to all customers at the most affordable prices.

BELLEZE Core Values

BELLEZE aspires to be a one-stop destination for all your furniture needs. We’re proud to present to our customers with varied furniture styles, so you can find perfect pieces that fit your décor needs. From rustic, coastal, industrial, boho, farmhouse and more, no matter what your décor preference may be, BELLEZE has the right choices for you. With hundreds of styles to choose from in our catalog, BELLEZE makes designing an elegant home a breeze.


We are inspired by our vision to bring the best in the world of modern furniture to our valued customers. The design needs of our customers are the basis on which we model our products. We are passionate about making furniture that encompasses the latest trends in contemporary décor that will serve as a stylistic guide for design lovers.


At the core of our business lies the passion to offer stunning pieces of furniture that are long-lasting and reasonably priced. We carefully select our materials, fabrics, and finishes to ensure our customers receive a great product at the best value. Our unique selling proposition lies in designing and manufacturing high-performance furniture that’ll last forever while elevating your décor to new heights, all at a very reasonable price point.


When you receive a BELLEZE product, you can breathe easy knowing that you have a piece of beautifully crafted furniture that’s here to serve your décor needs for a long time. We stand behind the excellent quality and craftsmanship of all our products and guarantee that you’ll love them.

Excellent Customer Service

Great customer service is the cornerstone of BELLEZE. Our furniture is designed to withstand years of use, which is why we back every piece with a promise. Every BELLEZE-crafted piece is covered under a 1-year warranty and once registered on the BELLEZE website, the product becomes eligible for the limited lifetime warranty. For more information on our warranty policy,click here.

We meet customers where they are, delivering the best customer service whether onthephone,email, orchat, and are here to support you at every step of your furniture buying process. Trust BELLEZE to make shopping for home décor easy,fun andstress-free! If you don’t love our products, we offer hassle-free 30-day returns. There’ll be no questionsasked; it’ssimple, quick, and convenient.


Our mission is to become the most trusted name in the world of modern furniture and to deliver high-quality, stylish furniture at a reasonable price.


We believe that caring for our planet is our responsibility, and so we utilize eco-friendly materials and green manufacturing processes when making our furniture. By selecting materials, finishes, and veneers that have few or no toxic chemicals, along with organic and sustainably resourced goods, BELLEZE and our valued customers are making a very real, strong commitment to supporting the environment.

Many of our materials are FSC certified, which confirms that these products come from forests that are being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of the people who live in and around them.