Beautify your space with a DIY sliding barn door

Beautify your space with a DIY sliding barn door

Think of it this way: your home is your sanctuary. With the spike in remote work over the past few years, we spend the majority of our time at home. Now, our homes are not only the places where we live, relax, cook, eat, socialize and spend time with our loved ones. Instead, homes are also the place where we do our work and stay active. And while we’re home, we want to be happy and comfortable in our environment. 

Design trends regularly evolve, but there’s one trend that is here to stay, and it’s surprisingly timeless: interior barn doors. Versatile sliding doors will integrate beautifully into homes, condos, apartments or offices. These doors offer an ideal space-saving solution while bringing desirable flair and style to your home. A barn door can help clearly define a space while keeping the flow very open for a cohesive look and feel.

Upgrade your décor with one or two doors

What’s great about barn-style doors is that they work with whatever space you’re looking to enhance. You don’t need to remodel your home or widen a doorway in order to integrate a DIY barn door into your home. They’re flexible within any space and don’t require significant adjustments. The doors instantly complement your existing setup.

They’ll work well in a room that could use a bit more flair, or in an area of the home that needs a space divider, such as a small office off of a main room. Depending on the width of your entryway and the available space in the room, you can add one or two doors.

In addition to dividing rooms, DIY sliding doors can also be perfect for a kitchen pantry, linen closet, laundry room, study room, dining room or bathroom. They also can serve as purely decorative pieces that look beautiful even when they aren’t dividing a space.

 Explore two types of barn doors: wood or glass

Belleze barn doors are available in two versatile, high-quality materials: wood or glass.

A wood farmhouse door is an excellent choice for newer homes that crave nostalgia, or older homes that want to channel something more classic. Rustic barn doors by Belleze come in unfinished pine or tinted wood, allowing them to coordinate with many color schemes. And even though wood doors certainly capture the farmhouse look, they’re modern, too.

Belleze wood doors have different designs which feature vertical planks, raised X shapes or raised V shapes. Each wood door is a little different. Some have different sections on the top or on the bottom, while others have the same look throughout the top and bottom panels. Wood doors integrate well with many styles of décor and feel like a natural, seamless addition to a home.

Glass barn doors offer a unique way to divide the space between your rooms while still letting in natural light. It’s a breath of fresh air. Especially in homes that lack windows, glass barn doors are a great way to lighten up the aesthetic. They integrate well into both homes and offices. Belleze glass doors are available with 4 or 8 panes. The glass panes create a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, all while feeling light and contemporary.

With many wood and glass doors to choose from, you can select the material that best suits your space.

Choose the right size for your space, then make it your own

To succeed at installing a DIY barn door, measuring your space is crucial. Take a good look at your space and carefully measure the width and height of the doorway opening where you’d like to install a barn door or two. Be precise with your measurements and make sure not to rush through the process. 

Visualize how you’d like to fill the designated space in your home, then pick the sliding door or doors that will meet your needs. The goal should be covering a doorway opening without too much overflow. Gaps on the sides are not ideal, so if you’re in between sizes, pick a wider one.

All Belleze barn doors are 84” tall, which fits well inside most homes and offices. The wooden doors are available in six different widths: 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 54” and 60”. The French sliding barn doors with glass panels are available in a 36” width.

Remember to make sure you select a door that will have enough space to slide back and forth. It depends on your unique space, and every space will be a bit different. Measuring the existing doors in your home can also help you decide which size will work best.

Branch out: stain your barn door in any color


While wood is naturally attractive on its own, a stain can add a gorgeous finish, and it also helps preserve the wood in the long run. If you’d rather not do your own staining, you can purchase a pre-finished door in various colors.

But for those who like to do the DIY method, opt for an unfinished pine door that you can stain and make your own. Wood stain colors are typically available in black, dark oak, mahogany, natural oak, walnut, teak, cherry and more. To play around with stain colors, test them out on small slabs of unfinished pine, then bring them inside your home to see how the colors will integrate with your decor.

You can select a stain color to coordinate with your baseboards and trim, or you can try something that adds unique contrast. If you’re unsure of what to buy, check out the popular Minwax brand of stains and finishes.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about a hands-on DIY project. Staining your own barn door will bring a personalized element to your home. 

Find the right hardware and customize your door

At first glance, it may seem tricky to figure out how to build a barn door and get it installed properly. It’s actually less intimidating than it seems. Installation hardware can be easily found at most hardware stores, and you’ll discover a variety of styles and colors. Black metal is the most popular color, but bronze and stainless steel are also available. This way, depending on your color scheme, you can pick hardware that coordinates or offers a striking contrast.

To install a barn door, sliding track hardware will need to be added to the doorframe and to the top of the door itself. Additional hardware like a door handle can be added if desired. Some DIY home decorators prefer this option as it can make the door easier to slide open and closed. Barn door handles can easily be positioned vertically, horizontally, or at an angle depending on your decor style and your individual needs.

A wide range of barn door hardware materials is available for purchase at Home Depot and other home improvement stores. A drill, a power screwdriver, and measuring devices will be helpful for the installation process.

Once you’ve installed the initial hardware, you can also take additional steps to customize the door with welcoming décor. With décors such as a wreath or a wooden plaque, the space will feel uniquely your own. This way, you can change out the barn door décor whenever you please, enhancing your space a bit more each season. To find handmade décor to hang on a barn door, check out Etsy sellers.

Peace and quiet: soundproof your home with a barn door

The Spruce recently applauded Belleze as the maker of the best soundproof barn door. Solid pine helps absorb soundwaves, keeping things separate from room to room. Many home decorators don’t think they need to pursue soundproofing options, but for many homes, it can really be beneficial in keeping the environment welcoming.

Soundproofing is ideal for homes with several TV sets or households with children and/or pets. This way, different members of the family can happily coexist in different spaces of the house. Even the loudest video game sound effects or barking dogs are no match for the efficient soundproofing that a sliding door will offer.

Additionally, soundproofing comes in handy for entertaining guests. With a soundproof sliding barn door, you’ll get peace and quiet throughout your home, along with chic style. This means that your home will become a more relaxing place for you, your family and your guests.

Complete your home with a sliding barn door

Whether you’re in need of a new door or you’re simply looking to enhance your overall décor aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with a DIY barn door. It’s a practical, space-saving solution that allows you to customize your home in an incredibly functional way.

From classic wood to sleek glass, ample options are available to suit many décor styles ranging from rustic farmhouse to mid-century modern. All you need to do is select the best material and style, get the right hardware and install it in your home for an instant upgrade to your style.

Shop the full Belleze barn door collection here.

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