Belleze’s Barn Door Rated “Best Soundproof Barn Door of 2021”

Belleze’s Barn Door Rated “Best Soundproof Barn Door of 2021”

Belleze’s barn doors were determined the top soundproof barn door of 2021 by The Spruce. In recent years, adding sliding barn doors within a home’s interior has only become more popular and stylish. But what makes Belleze’s barn door the best noise-canceling barn door of the year? Let’s dive into what makes barn doors such a great home decor addition, and why so many decor specialists have turned to the stables for in-home inspirations.

Function and Class All in One

Barn doors have become increasingly popular among home renovation and decor specialists, as they save a major amount of space by sliding rather than opening wide like traditional doors. They provide a natural soundproof barrier due to their sturdiness and provide the same level of privacy as a traditional swinging door. Plus, home decor enthusiasts have fallen in love with the sleek style of a barn door’s look, as well as their ability to be easily stained or painted to match a home’s styling. Soundproof barn doors provide the perfect marriage between function and class and are made in countless styles to choose from to match any homemaker’s vision.

Possibilities Are Endless

One of the best parts about installing a soundproof barn door to replace a current door is the versatility of where you’d like to place it. Due to their durable and soundproof nature, barn doors are perfect for closets, pantry, and bathroom door entrances, as these are some of the doors that we tend to open the most throughout the day. The large nature of barn doors also caters well to installing mirrors on the door, which can make a bathroom look fantastic and radiant with light. The possibilities are limitless, but the hardest stage of this home renovation craze is choosing the best barn door for your home’s current look and needs.

Belleze’s Soundproof Barn Door Ranked Best of 2021

Belleze Furniture was voted by The Spruce as having the best soundproof barn door of 2021. “Thanks to its solid pine core, this is one of the more soundproof options available.” Its heavy frame and thick pine core allow this door to evoke an aura of privacy, barrier, but easy access at the same time. Belleze’s barn door also makes for a fairly simple DIY project, because they do not require major framing, only special hardware that is also available at Belleze. The pine can be easily painted, stained, or left alone for a rustic and eclectic look for any home. If a homemaker values privacy, style, and a functional lifestyle, Belleze Furniture’s soundproof barn door is a perfect choice. 

To refer to the complete The Spruce article, visit here!

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