Home Office Ideas: Styling & Interior Design

Home Office Ideas: Styling & Interior Design

Remote work has never been more popular. It has become the norm across numerous industries in 2020, working from home has numerous advantages and disadvantages. While it tends to be a cost-effective and equally productive way to conduct our responsibilities, it can also lend itself to more distractions and motivation plateaus, as well as a lack of organization. One of the easiest ways to combat this work-day fatigue is by creating the proper headspace for productivity within your home and a home office that is dedicated to getting work done appropriately. Taking time to consider home office interior design and what furniture and fixtures cater well toward this productivity is key to setting yourself up for success during the remote workday. But determining how to decorate a home office in a way that’s both stylish and functional is no easy feat.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best work from home furniture, from creative home office inspiration ideas to study spaces for remote learners. Everyone is different, so make sure to decorate your remote working space in a manner that caters to your productivity levels.

The Trailblazer: Subtle Elegance and Productive Details

laptop and work supplies on black desk near blue chair

When working from home, begin with the foundation of productivity and home office interior design: a desk. While it’s certainly possible to kick it on a laptop from the comfort of your couch, having a desk is better for creating a designated space for work-related materials. A remote workspace is not only a utility space but also an opportunity to express yourself with decorative accents while encouraging productivity at the same time. Begin by first choosing an area on the desk for a laptop, mouse (optional), and office supplies.

One of our favorite home office ideas for a chic yet reliable desk is the Chelsea Vanity Console Table, perfect for those who love an upscale and classy home office interior design. The waterproof glossy surface ensures duration and sturdiness, and pairs with almost everything. Add an easily managed plant or fresh flowers for a pop of color, a piece of art that inspires you, or photos to think of loved ones while at work. Similar in style to the Chelsea desk is the Modern Home Office Computer Deskwith golden metal legs that further elevate the elegance of the remote workspace. We recommend placing your desk near a window for natural lighting and a nice view to break up your workday.

The Student: Staying in the Zone at Home

When you think of home office ideas, you may not immediately think of your children. But while remote work has been more common in recent years, so has distanced learning. Online schooling has become a much more popular option, both among parents who choose to homeschool their children and young professionals who choose to seek a degree online. This paves the way for creating a home office interior designed and curated toward academic productivity. The home office space of a student should be a happy atmosphere that keeps students stimulated while also creating a space that deflects potential distractions and takes into account storage for learning materials like textbooks.

A large and sturdy desk is likely the best piece of work from home furniture. The Trition L-Shaped Computer Desk provides ample space for both a laptop set up, classroom supplies, and physical workspace for assignments and note-taking. Choose a colorful desk calendar to help students keep track of deadlines and opt for a colorful lamp to both add some liveliness to the space and help the student stay productive during late-night study sessions.

Image of Desktop with two swivel chairs home office interior design

The Hidden Hero: Office Chairs

It’s hard to stay productive while working or studying remotely if you’re uncomfortable at your workstation due to hours spent at a desk. Earning their own spotlight, the core of home office interior design is in the chair. A reliable and cozy office chair can lend itself to hours of additional productivity — a critical piece of furniture that a home office can’t live without. 

When looking for home office ideas, start by choosing a reliable desk, as this will determine the seating. We recommend a 360-degree swivel chair like the Avalon Office Chair for flexible movement throughout the workday. If one appreciates a more cushioned chair, the Aria Office Chair is the perfect choice as this chair both swivels and provides plenty of cushioning along the back. For those looking for both a comfy chair and a decorative accent within a classy remote workspace, the Nora Office Chair is a perfect choice.

Find the Best Work from Home Furniture at Belleze Furniture

Whether your workspace would benefit from comfier chairs or more reliable desk space, Belleze Furniture has everything you need to accomplish a stylish home office layout, ideas to create a unique and productive interior design for a home office, and support from our store experts. Explore Belleze’s selection of modern office furniture and home office decorations to elevate your remote workspace today!

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