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Belleze's Patio Furniture

Hey, did you know indoor furniture is not the only expertise of Belleze?

Spring is just out there. Summer can't wait to come. The temperature rises, just the right time to gear up the patio furniture with Belleze. No matter it is the outdoor dining or a swing chair next to your swimming pool, or you’re a business owner who’s browsing something for the patio. They’re all prepared. Let’s roll!

Patio Furniture Collection

Small Groups
In temperate climates, patio dining is especially popular in spring and summer months when temperatures and weather are most favorable. It is a style of dining that casual and often party-like in its atmosphere. Since 2020, the pandemic has brought a fundamental change to patio dining. It helps to practice the social distancing on supporting the public health management, also becomes a compromising way of business running.

The good news is more than a quarter of Americans have been fully vaccinated, the reopening of the group eating and partying is softly ongoing. Hitia 3 Piece Patio Bistro Set would be a great idea for those who are running a coffee store, a beverage station, or a soft bar. Of course, if you’re looking for outdoor furniture in the backyard, Hitia could be the one. This bistro set is composed of 2 armchairs and a circular accent table sized for drinks and snacks. Seats are extra wide and in-depth to create comfort for human bodies and bring a contemporary appeal. And don’t worry, put it aside with the swimming pool is just okay. With its water-resistant cushions, you can always sit over it without hesitations.

3 Piece Patio Bistro Set

Let a patio swing delights your backyard with comfy and fun. The Swing Chair with Bed has a 600lbs weight capacity, which is strong enough to hold a maximum of three people to relax at the same time. The advanced fabric provides UV protection so you no need to worry about the sunburn during summer months. And we know what you’ve been thinking, we design this swing chair with cup holders on both sides just to make sure you don’t have to put your wine glasses on the floor.

Swing Chair with Bed

Conversational Sets
We don’t want to miss the opportunities from a larger group. Balboa 3 Pieces Patio Sofa Set means it, seriously!

Just like the other patio members, Balboa’s rattan body is structured with strength. The corner sectional design brings the ultimate comfy to cocktail drinkers. YES, it is your spot of drinking while lying down. Comes with cushions and a coffee table with a glass surface and a maximum capacity of 4 seating, Balboa is big enough for a party of 4 to socialize, to talk in the garden, or the poolside.

3 Pieces Patio Sofa Set

Among the whole patio season, April and May are the most interesting as long as they’re in the Spring quarter. We sit in the garden, enjoy the warmness and sunlight in the daytime. Then we also need to turn on a heater in terms of protection from the temperature differences at night. Before you click the close tab to exit this article, take a glance at our heaters and umbrellas, we might carry the accessories you need for your backyard. 

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