Style with Belleze – 4th of July Décor

Style with Belleze – 4th of July Décor

Hey guys, Happy 4th of July!

After being through the longest winter ever, the fellow Americans are looking forward to a grand celebration of Independence Day. We’re so excited and we can’t wait to go out holding each other with the greatest joy and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to AMERICA!

Days ago, Belleze Creative Team went on a mission to style a 4th of July living room in North Hollywood, CA.   And we can’t wait to share with you!

The day’s goal was to use essential materials to obtain the maximum result, avoiding unnecessary conditions to bring a minimalistic and chic look. For this reason, we picked out 5 best sellers to accomplish the décor. In the main time, this project was pretty much budget friendly as we are continuously providing affordable modern home furniture nationwide. You can check out the products we used as follows:

The whole team was so impressed by the splendid lighting of the entire place when we stepped in.  A huge French window alongside a narrow one visually broadens the whole room, which offers us great opportunities to make this living room glamorous. Like many would do, we decorated the living room with the Star-Spangled Banner, red and blue cushions over the couch not to miss the comfort.



Altera Convertible Sectional Sofa and 48” Coffee Table with Storage Shelf were the domain products we selected for the Independence Day décor, as they were designed with Individualism, easy to achieve the contemporary look for any circumstances. Of course, a living room is not a living room without a couch and a coffee table, so we let them be there.

Right with the sofa and the coffee table, the RED Kyara Barrel Accent Chair was there as a part of the indoor conversational set. Her classic red color was a symbol of patriotism, making her the only strong-colored furniture on the scene.  The 16-feet seat depth is slower than the sofa higher than the coffee table, artfully created layouts at the hangout space.


There’s always the media center in front. Otherwise, it could be a huge loss not accessing the entertainment ecosystem at home. Belleze Creative Team picked Truman 58” TV Stand Media Console to hold a smart TV and more appliance accessories. The design idea of the Truman TV Stand came from one of Belleze top sellers – the barn doors, to place its iconic sliding doors with naturally stylish storage. Besides, a 4 Tier Bookcase has been helpful to hold frames, plants, books, and decorations. If it isn’t big enough for your home mini-exhibition, we provide options to upgrade to 5 Tier. 

Fun Fact:

This was the very first styling task we’ve been assigned since 2020. Everybody left with tiredness and super enjoyment at the end of the day, and remained productive for the rest of the week, simply because we wanted to show the outcome ASAP.

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