TV Stand Size Guide: How to Choose the Right Size for Your TV

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When setting up your home entertainment area, choosing a TV stand is just as important as selecting the TV itself. especially when you consider that the average American spends an average of nearly three hours in front of a screen each day. Our detailed guide ensures you choose a TV stand that fits your TV and complements your living room's layout and style. Understanding measurements, like the height and width of TV stands, is essential for both appeal and practicality. 
Exploring options for TV stands may feel overwhelming. Whether you're starting from scratch in designing a room or updating your space, selecting a TV stand can turn an ordinary room into a drea entertainment hub. Belleze Furniture provides advice on choosing the location for your TV stand, and making use of the available wall space, while also advising on how to incorporate a TV stand into a room with a fireplace.

Picking the Right TV Stand Size for Your Space

Selecting a TV stand is essential to enhance your viewing pleasure and complement the look of your living room. To ensure that the TV stand you purchase is the accurate size, it's important to take into consideration the dimensions of your TV and the space it will be in, as well as the layout of the space.
These factors guarantee that the TV stand will fit your TV, your space, and your style, and thus, will save you time and money. Begin by measuring your TV, focusing on 3 main measurements: length, width, and hypotenuse, or diagonal length.
When deciding on the ideal height for your TV stand, it's best to consider your preferences and line of sight. By taking account of where you sit, how you sit, and if you're even sitting, these factors can help give you an idea of where you want your TV and TV stand.
As a standard rule of thumb, a TV stand should position the TV at eye level. This positioning helps reduce neck strain and enhances your viewing enjoyment. Moreover, make sure that the width of the TV stand exceeds that of the TV frame for appearance and extra space for adjustments. Following these suggestions, you can create a stylish entertainment hub that stands out in your living area.
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Measure Your TV to Find the Ideal TV Stand

Selecting the TV stand requires a grasp of your TV's actual dimensions to ensure it fits well and enhances the look of your living area. TVs are commonly measured diagonally from one corner to the bottom corner of the screen.
This measurement is what TV stands and entertainment units use to indicate the TV size they can hold. However, it's crucial to note that this diagonal measurement only considers the screen itself not including any surrounding frame.
For example, a '50 inch TV' means its diagonal screen measures 50 inches... For a comprehensive understanding and to guarantee that your TV fits nicely on your chosen stand without sticking out, also measure its height, width, and depth along with the frame included.
These dimensions play a role in choosing a stand that matches your TV's real size and aids in planning out space in your room.Keep in mind that advertised sizes often do not account for any protruding features or stands that may accompany your television.
Before placing your TV on a stand in an entertainment center, it's best to also measure the depth of the entertainment center to compare it to the depth of your TV with its stands and brackets.
These additional measurements will assist you in selecting a TV stand that not only accommodates your TV but also improves your viewing pleasure and complements your home decor seamlessly.
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Optimizing the Position of Your TV in the Living Room

When choosing where to place your TV stand or entertainment center, it's important to take into account factors that contribute to both the appeal and practical viewing experience.
To start, avoid placing the TV in front of a window as it can create backlighting issues and obstruct light. Instead, aim to position the TV, across the seating area so that the center of the screen aligns with the middle of this space, ensuring a viewing distance without overwhelming the room.
The layout of the room significantly impacts how you position your TV. The placement should also allow for a flow of conversation and movement in the room, avoiding any obstacles near doorways or walkways.
Try out spots in the room before settling on a location to avoid unnecessary adjustments later on.Consideration should also be given to how furniture is arranged around your TV.
Depending on your furniture arrangement, your TV can blend seamlessly into the room design. This versatility enhances both functionality and comfort while creating an inviting ambiance in your living space.
Make sure to place the TV at the distance, from where you sit around twice the diagonal length of the screen. This positioning helps minimize eye strain and ensures a viewing angle for visibility. Keep in mind any considerations for TV types, like LCD screens that might need to be viewed head-on to prevent blurriness.
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How to Find the True Size of the Perfect TV Unit

Before you begin shopping for TV stands, it's best to start by gathering a few measurements, especially your TV's measurements. With a tape measure, measure the width of your TV by starting from one side of the frame and measuring the length to the other side.
If you don't don't have measuring tape, you can check the product details on the manufacturer's website. It's important to know the width to ensure your TV fits securely on the stand, preventing any accidents and maintaining a setup.
When you first purchased a TV, the manufacturer likely stated the size of the TV on the packaging. This measurement is usually the length of the TV, diagonally. For instance, a 55-inch TV refers to the measurement from one corner to another. To get complete dimensions of your TV, measure the width, height, and depth of your TV.
Having measurements guarantees that your TV stand can accommodate your TV's dimensions offering a stylish and safe viewing experience. Make sure that your TV stand is broader than your TV to guarantee stability and safety.
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How to Determine the Perfect TV Console Height

For an optimal TV viewing experience, it's best to position the center of your TV screen at or slightly below eye level. First, measure the distance from the floor to where viewers' eyesight falls in your home.
Then, subtract half of the TV's height from that measurement. Your TV stand should ideally be within an inch or two of this height. This simple method helps reduce strain on your neck and eyes, making sure everyone can watch their shows comfortably.
The type of couch you have can play a role in determining viewers' eye levels. Ensuring that your TV screen aligns with viewers' eye levels is essential for an ergonomic viewing setup.
Also, another factor to take into account is the viewing distance of your TV from a sitting area like a couch. A good rule of thumb is to place your TV at a distance that is twice its diagonal measurement.
For instance, if you have a 55-inch TV, it should be placed approximately 110 inches away (or 9 feet) from the main sitting location in the room. This setup guarantees an immersive viewing experience without causing eye strain.

TV Stand Style Guide

Now that you're aware of what you may need before selecting a TV stand, it's time to start shopping for one! There's a variety of styles to choose from based on your space layout, so we've compiled a comprehensive style guide for you to reference.

Standard TV Stand Size Guide Chart

TV Stand Size
Recommended Minimum TV Size (Diagonal)
Recommended Maximum TV Size (Diagonal)

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Large TV Stands, Medium TV Stands, and Small TV Stands

Small TV stands

Compact and stylish small TV stands offer support for TVs while maintaining a sleek look in your space. They're great for sprucing up your living room without taking up space, especially ideal for cozy areas like studio apartments.
Styles to consider:
TV credenzas
TV consoles
Corner consoles
sizes: 42" 54" 60"
Best suited for: Bedrooms, studio apartments, lofts, playrooms

Medium TV stands

Medium-sized TV stands to strike a nice balance between surface area and storage options, often featuring shelves and drawers for added functionality. Some medium stands even come with fireplace inserts to add warmth and style to your viewing setup.
Styles to consider:
TV credenzas
TV consoles
Fireplace consoles
sizes: 64" 70"
Best suited for: living rooms, master suites, home theaters

Large TV stands

Large TV stands are designed for those looking to make a statement with their entertainment setup. These stands offer plenty of storage space with built-in drawers, shelves, and compartments, making them perfect for keeping things organized and hiding wires. They are a hit with serious media fans.
Types to think about:
Wall units
Entertainment centers
Media cabinets
Media consoles
Fireplace consoles
sizes: 74 inches, 76 inches, 85 inches
Recommended for: Living rooms, home theaters
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Types of TV Stands

Ideal for those who spend a
lot of time at the entertainment
center and want to show it off.
Height is usually 80
inches or more and
width is usually 120
inches or more.
storage with
shelves, drawers,
and compartments.
TV Stand or
Ideal for those who spend a lot
of time watching TV in the rec
room, but don't want the entire
wall to be taken up by the TV.
Varies from 16" to 40"
tall, usually twice as
Moderate storage
for cable boxes,
DVD players, and
Best for occasional TV
watchers with limited space.
Typically about 28-50
inches wide, ideal for
small to medium-sized
TVs andcompact
Minimal storage,
usually a shelf
and compartment
for a DVD/cable
Many choose fireplace TV stands
for a dual-purpose setup,allowing
them to enjoyTV or movies
alongsidea faux fireplace
ambiance. This feature enhances
both decor and viewing frequency.
A width range of 40-
60 inches fits most
living room layouts
and TVs.
Fireplace TV
cabinets add
additional features
, such as fireplaces,
to create a different
look and feel than
standard TV
Now that you understand how to measure your TV and determine the necessary dimensions for media furniture based on its diagonal size, finding the perfect TV stand to match your living room’s unique style is easier than ever. Explore Belleze’s extensive range of TV cabinets, from compact corner units to large consoles and spacious floating stands.
With dozens of options in various heights, sizes, and styles, Belleze Furniture has the ideal solution to complement your home decor and enhance your viewing experience. Find your dream TV console today and add a personal touch to your space.

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