9 Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive While on a Budget

9 Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive While on a Budget

Sometimes all our home needs is a simple DIY refresh to make the place look brand new. The interior design of our home is how we express our style, so it only makes sense that we want our home to be a reflection of the love poured into it. Especially for those that intend to put their home on the market or simply want to reimagine their living space, many simple DIY projects can be done that will instantly increase the value of a home. While it may seem like an expensive task at hand, there are countless inexpensive ways to create an upscale interior design on a budget. 

In this article, we’ll explore 9 ways to make your home look expensive in a way that doesn’t hurt the bank. Your home will be on its way to the makeover it’s been waiting for in no time.

Tip #1: Don’t Neglect the Entryway

The first thing visitors see when entering your home is your entryway, so giving the front entrance a refresh is always a great idea. Giving the front door a fresh coat of paint is a fun and simple DIY project to change this space. Also consider adding a few seats or a complementary bench, a few plants, and maybe a new welcome mat to upscale the value of the home with the very first impression.

Tip #2: Keep The Home Tidy

Those that appreciate interior design understand that cleanliness often translates into a more refined overall look. Excessive clutter tends to make a space look smaller and a bit darker than one might intend. Taking advantage of all available storage space is a simple way to make sure that surfaces and living areas remain functional and tidy.

Tip #3: Unique and Functional Lighting

Updated lighting fixtures and reimagining a home’s current lighting scheme is a simple way to accomplish an expensive-looking interior design on a budget. Lighting is often what sets the mood and tone for each room, so consider updating or swapping fixtures for different ones for a quick makeover. Consider layered lighting, and installing dimmers to instantly make a room’s lighting palette more dynamic and unique.

Tip #4: Highlight Statement Pieces

Of our 9 ways to make a home look expensive on a budget, this tip doesn’t have to cost a thing. Consider what statement pieces are already present within your home and capitalize on their intrigue by placing them strategically within your home. By drawing attention to these pieces rather than hiding them within nooks and crannies you can easily refine the decor of your home.

Tip #5: Keep Furniture Practical

Along with the idea of avoiding clutter, keeping furniture minimal and practical is a great way to create an upscale interior design on a budget. Furniture can take up a lot of space, and when elevating the perceived value of a home you want to have as much space as possible. This not only saves you money on investing in excessive furniture pieces, but it also allows you to invest in high-quality and durable furniture pieces that are both functional and destined to last for a long time.

Tip #6: Keep Things Fresh with Flowers and Plants

When it comes to interior design on a budget, one of the easiest tips is choosing flowers and plants as decorative accents within a space. Consider placing a pastel vase with flowers on the dining room table, and instantly liven up the living room with just a few standing plants to keep things colorful and classy.

Tip #7: Reflect on Decorative Mirrors

As we’ve already mentioned, creating an expensive-looking living space is about maximizing all available space within the home. Mirrors are a great way to add more lighting and create the illusion of more surface area as the reflection extends the room visually. Plus, when it comes to interior designing on a budget, there are many stylish and unique ways to decorate with mirrors that will instantly make a space look glamorous.

Tip #8: Conceal Cords and Wiring

Open wires and cords can instantly make a room look less valuable, as our eyes are immediately drawn to outlets and away from the fixtures that deserve attention. During the process of decluttering, it’s a good idea to hide or conceal wiring to create a safer and cleaner look. Consider wall mounting television to avoid long exposed cords, and for floor lamps keep cords taught or even stapled to the wall to keep them away from view.

Tip #9: Rethink the Dining Space

Especially for those that are looking to put their home on the market, prospects will always be interested in how the dining room is laid out to envision themselves in that home. Dining room tables and chairs can easily become weathered, dated, and damaged over time as we spend a good deal of time using the space. Investing in updated modern dining room furniture can instantly transform a dining room and help the space feel brand new.

Belleze Makes Planning Interior Design on a Budget Simple

From rethinking a lighting scheme to considering the little details of an entryway, there are countless ways to create an upscaled and lavish interior design on a budget with just a little planning and careful curation. These 9 ways to make your home look expensive on a budget only scratch the surface of the possibilities but are all fun ways to make a living space look classy and personal at the same time. Belleze Furniture makes home renovation projects a breeze with our wide selection of affordable and easy-to-assemble furniture pieces. From living room furniture to home improvement supplies, Belleze Furniture has everything you need to modernize and elevate a home’s value. Shop Belleze today!

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