5 Must-Have Accent Chairs on Belleze

5 Must-Have Accent Chairs on Belleze

A lot of furniture is considered to purchase in a pair to decorate homes, while the accent chair is apart from that. A typical living room is a layout with a dominant couch, a sub-couch plus a coffee table, or an ottoman. In the case of a more affordable budget, the sub-couch has an option to be taken by a pair of accent chairs. It alone can glamour a living room or a room corner.

Hyde Tufted Velvet Accent Chair

white accent chairs with cat

Talking about Hyde Tufted Velvet Accent Chair is like giving her tremendous credits because she’s giving everything you expect from an Accent chair. Her wings installed on either side of the chair lead this classic design to a contemporary modern home. She’s typically the perfect choice in the living room next to a fireplace. In winter, her soft velvet fabric helps store warmth as how wingback chairs were designed in mid centuries.


Allston Chair

green accent chair

The Allston chair is the armchair that is famous for its variety of colors. 13 options in total! Monochromes! The avocado green! The baby blue! And floral patterns! You can instantly figure out how comfortable it is to sit long hours on an Allston when you see the shell-shaped high backrest and the soft chunky seat. Allston chair has aesthetic versatility by itself as the design is flexible to fit most indoor spaces. Don’t hesitate to enjoy yourself alone in the reading room over an Allston because this comfort is worth it!


Kinsley Accent Chair

green velvet chair with golden legs

Kinsley Accent Chair is a rising star. Did you know Kinsley has been the product of the month in the same month she had her very first inventory? Of course, her flawless look is the reason. Lineation. Chrome legs. Full velvet coverage and armrests. All together make her much beloved. More importantly, she’s the piece alone to create a luxury home on a budget. It never makes things wrong if you put Kinsley in a master bedroom. Trust me, the afternoon sunlight will polish her beauty even more.


Cara Accented Wing Back Mid Century Button Tufted Chair

white accent chairs spring theme

Cara’s design inspiration came from club chairs, the dark leather chairs that provide a sturdy place to sit and smoke for men. We did a lot of alternations to transfer Cara to a feminine chair. The key is producing large scales on seating to keep the core value of a sturdy place and comforts. And then, to a less masculine look, we switch to the most commonly used artificial fabric, offering pastel color options. We also applied massive arcs over Cara’s backrest to build the recognizable wingback. Her appealing look deserves awareness in the living room. While just because Cara has a creative story to tell, she’s nice to an indoor conversation set as well.


Kyara Barrel Accent Chair

Okie, the Barral Accent Chairs! The chairs that are upholstered with semicircular backrests resemble barrels. People often appreciate the comfort of barrel chairs since they feel stuck in them while sitting. So as Kyara is one of a kind barrel accent chair. Just be mindful of the fabric material of some specific colors. Beige and grey don’t offer leather.


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