Easy DIY Barn Door Home Décor Tips

Easy DIY Barn Door Home Décor Tips

One of the hottest home interior design trends lately has been the installation of sliding barn doors. Simple in nature while still making a modern update to a home, sliding barn doors have been embraced among home renovation aficionados due to a sliding barn door’s perfect marriage between function and style. Sliding barn doors are a great addition to numerous areas of the home, mostly due to how much space is saved within a home due to their sliding nature. The practicality of these doors is what has led to Belleze Furniture’s soundproof sliding barn door becoming one of Belleze’s bestsellers, and homemakers are turning their heads away from conventional doors and are embracing the eclectic look of a sliding barn door. 

Another advantage of choosing to implement this rustic modern look within your home is that sliding barn door installation makes for a fairly simple DIY project if you have the right supplies. In this article, we’ll explore easy DIY barn door decor ideas, as well as where to find the best barn door hardware to ensure that this project is a smooth and simple transition.

Create a Sleek Pantry

If your kitchen is lucky enough to have a walk-in pantry, it most likely has no door to provide easy access. A pantry is a great space to seize the opportunity for a simple sliding barn door installation. Due to the sliding nature of the barn door, whoever is cooking dinner will still be able to easily access their supplies while also concealing the pantry for a clean look. This helps keep a kitchen space looking cohesive as well as avoiding small children and pets from entering the pantry unsupervised.

Tip: Consider painting the door with chalkboard paint to create a space for grocery lists, reminders, or family memos.

Express Yourself with Different Paint Styles

A good barn door is based on its construction, with quality wood being a huge consideration in choosing the right barn door for your home’s needs. Belleze Furniture’s sliding barn door comes in a pine finish, which looks lovely on its own with an eclectic and modern charm that elevates any room. For those that prefer to have a pop of color, wood is luckily one of the easiest surfaces for painting. Dare to make a statement with a bold color, or opt for a minimalist shade that still manages to catch the eye. Belleze’s sliding barn doors can be both painted or wood-stained so that colorful curators can feel free to express themselves within their homes. 

Tip: Before beginning the sliding barn door installation process consider painting or staining the wood before assembly. This allows the process of painting to be a bit simpler, as you won’t have to avoid any nearby walls.

Complete Your Sliding Barn Door Installation with Belleze Furniture

Belleze Furniture’s selection of barn doors can lead a home renovator down the path of modern elegance within any space. Whether you’re interested in elevating your pantry space or creating a more practical bathroom environment, Belleze has the best barn door hardware and installation supplies for your home’s needs. With easy-to-assemble pieces and free shipping, Belleze Furniture is here to support all your DIY and home interior dreams.

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